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Pea Trellis

New to Sunland Seeds is a 1.2m tall plastic trellis that is ideal for supporting pea plants.

The UV stablised trelis is made up of 10cm plastic squares which are just the right size for supporting growing pea plants. To use, the trelis can be supported by steel or wooden posts about 5m apart with a wire suspended about 1.3m directly above the emerging pea plants. The trellis is then tied to the wire using either cable ties or metal clips. We also recomend a string be placed about 10cm above the pea plants so that the bottom of the trellis can be secured to avoid it moving in the wind.

At 1.2m tall it is perfect for Oregon Giant, Oregon Sugar Pod, Willow and Greenfeast peas.

Advantages of trellising your peas include increased yield per plant, more air movement helping to dry out and limit disease, less damage to the plant at picking so the plant producers for longer, and straighter pods as they are hanging and not touching the ground. It alos helps extend the picking season as the plants can tolerate a frost much better when they are on a trellis.

For our taller pea varieties such as Mammoth Melting, Yakumo, Alderman and Cascadia, simply use taller posts and double up the trellis so it reaches as far as you need.

Each roll comes in 1000m lengths. It is also suitable for any other climing vegetable such as climbing beans and cucumbers.