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This popular broad bean is our most widely used commercial grown broad bean.

Pods are approximately 15cm long and 3cm wide and medium green. They contain up to 5 seeds per pod. The seed produced by Aquadulce is the largest commercially available. Flowers are purple and white in colour, and produce a brown seed.

The plants grow to around 90cm to 100cm, but this can vary significantly depending on the time of year and the season planted. An estimated maturity is 75 days from planting.

Broad beans are a cool weather vegetable, and planting occurs in most areas in Autumn and Winter. Crop yields can be significantly affected by frost at flowering, cold weather at flowering, as well as it being too hot when flowering. Bees also assist in pollination.

Broad beans are open pollinated, so genetically they self reproduce. Lack of pod set will be caused by either agronomic or environmental reasons.

Please note that broad bean seed is a prohibited item to import into Australia, so our variety choices are very limited. Aquadulce is the most widely grown variety that is commercially available in Australia