Sunland Seeds

About Sunland Seeds

Sunland Seeds is a 3rd generation family seed company that specialises in Bean, Pea and Sweet Corn seeds for professional farmers, food processing industry and the home garden market.

Located at Coopernook on the Mid North Coast of NSW, we are able to service our clients around Australia using either freight or courier companies to ensure that our seed is delivered safely and efficiently to our customers.

Sunland Seeds is an independent company, and we source our seed varieties from around the world to suit our climatic and market conditions. Using over a dozen different seed production companies, we then import the seeds to Australia.

Owner and Manager Chris Smith is in control of all aspects of the business. From production planning, logistics, variety selections, inventory control as well as sales and agronomic advice. This is why we not only offer expert advice, but are able to respond quickly to our customers needs.

Our facilities include a 100MT climate controlled seed warehouse where our seed is kept in ideal conditions to ensure quality.

As well as our domestic Australian business, we use our size and expertise to supply bean and pea seed to a number of countries in the Asia Pacific region.

We also offer our customers the ability to use our industry reach and logistics to source seed varieties on their behalf. This not only includes beans and peas, but the full range of vegetables.

For our larger domestic clients and international customers, we also offer custom seed production of varieties of beans and peas in both Idaho and California.

Please contact us for more information on the seed and services that we can provide. Click here for contact infomation